Sandy Hook

On 12-14-2014 another school shooting took the youngest children yet? The incident was the deadliest mass shooting at a high school or grade school in U.S. history and the second-deadliest mass shooting by a single person in U.S. history, after the 2007 VA tech. Twenty children and six adults lost their lives that day.

The sandy Hook promise

Our hearts are broken;
Our spirit is not.
And it is with this knowledge
that we are able to move forward
with purpose and strength.
This is a Promise
To truly honor the lives lost
by turning our tragedy into a moment of transformation.
This is a Promise
To be open to all possibilities.
There is no agenda other than to make
our community and our nation a safer, better place.
This is a Promise
To have the conversations on ALL the issues
Conversations where listening is as important as speaking.
Conversations where even those with the most opposing views 
can debate in good will.
This is a Promise
To turn the conversation into actions.
Things must change.
This is the time.
This is a Promise
We make to our precious children.
Because each child, every human life is filled with promise,
and though we continue to be filled with unbearable pain
we choose love, belief, and hope
instead of anger.
This is a Promise
To do everything in our power to be remembered
not as the town filled with grief and victims;
but as the place where 

real change began.
Our hearts are broken;
Our spirit is not.
This is our Promise
The Sandy Hook Promise
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Artist For Change

When I hosted 100 thousand poets/artist for change (9/28/2013) (2nd Oct 2014)the first time Sandy Hook was still a quiet little school that most of us never heard of. The whole point of the movement was for all of us to initiate and fight for changes to better our communities state & countries. My heart was always set to do something about violence among our youth especially at school. This was going to be what I would work  for to educate myself and others.
I had already been educating myself on school safety and gun laws.Many conversations took place across the internet after columbine regarding things that could have saved lives.


I like many of you was heartbroken as well as feeling helpless.
My first instinct was to go to the community to offer support to the families. I did not want to cause them any more grief or stress.I knew this was a journey they had to walk with their families for now.  I wrote & recorded a track as a tribute hoping it would comfort anyone losing a child. When I made the video to also add the track to I had all the children's pictures on my computer. Even after I finished the video it would be nine months before I could delete them. I felt drawn to them,connected & I never wanted to forget how we need to prevent this from ever happening. My heart ached every day when I would see those sweet little faces. I grieved so intensely I felt guilty as if I had no right to hurt this badly this grief belongs only to the parents. Maybe it is just the mother inside of me. I was very offended and protective when so many came out saying these kids never died. What a disgrace and shame on them!


I enjoyed every moment of some of the stories the parents told about their child that morning.  There were some very special moments shared. I love hearing about the kids and what they liked to do. The Sandy Hook Promise is working hard to protect all children. They are covering it all, Gun laws,mental health & school safety. Educating us all and I am sure their children are so proud:)


I promise to do all I can to prevent gun violence and help create a better, safer future for all our children.
Right after the tragedy @ Sandy Hook I hosted an online radio show for a tribute to the children and families
Many were emotional as I was and it was a good outlet for many artist to call in and read poetry they wrote in honor of the kids and comment on the tragic event.
The second night I hosted a show on gun laws . Yea that was a heated night indeed. But at the end of the day no one wanted anyone to get hurt especially children.
The third night we did a school safety show and I was amazed at what I learned. I had a few people ask their kids if they had drills for this type of situation at their schools? 
I have since done follow up shows and become a Promise Leader myself. This is what I am doing.

Become a Promise Leader ~
               I did !

My Sandy Hook Tribute

Meet Ari, both her parents were killed by a tornado . She had dreams about six mothns prior to their death that they would die. She and onew of her baby cousins were the only to survive in her family. She was carried away by the tornado as well and says she went to Heaven. I believe her & so will you.
My son seen her on the weather channel and from there I learned so much more about this child and what she has done since to help othet grieving children. Please support her site and all her efforts.
After every horrific shooting, it is human nature to search for clues that might explain what happened, and how to keep it from happening again. Unfortunately, every case offers a few promising leads that seem to be contradicted by the next case. In the 1990s we had city shootings that generated concern about the stress of “urban war zones,” followed by rural school shootings attributed to the pressures on boys raised in small towns. The 1999 shooting at suburban Columbine High School convinced many people that the underlying problem was bullying.
All the photos of the children and other victims remain the property of their parents/families . All rights reserved.